make sure your plastic waste is recycled

Join the Precious Plastic Collection System and avoid your plastic becoming waste!

I'm in!

make sure your plastic waste is recycled

Join the Precious Plastic Collection System and avoid your plastic becoming waste!

I'm in!

Precious Plastic



collection system?

It's an alternative plastic recycling system that is powered by people like you. Tired of all that plastic waste piling up in our oceans. It's global, works locally and has a plan to fix the plastic waste problem.

Waste to useful

Your plastic collected is recycled and transformed into beautiful products or useful new raw material.

Stays local

Your plastic collected is recycled and transformed locally in your neighbourhood or town.


The Precious Plastic Collection System want you to be more educated about plastic and its recycling opportunities.

Boost economy

Your collected plastic creates a local recycling economy helping people around you to make money recycling.

Run by people

Precious Plastic Collection System is run by people that care about the planet, not by profit driven organisations.

Waste to nature

Less than 9% of your collected plastic gets recycled, mostly gets burned, buried or shipped oversee hoping for the best.

Shipped all over

Your collected plastic is shipped multiple times across the planet increasing its CO2 footprint.

Throw away culture

Current recycling systems tend to encourage a throw away culture.

Taxpayers money

Current recycling systems indirectly costs you a money as state-run subsidies as they are financially unsustainable.

Run by people

Current recycling systems are currently run by big companies whose only interest is to make more profit.

Your plastic waste deserves better

By recycling and using the Precious Plastic Collection System your plastic will be transformed in beautiful products.

how does it


Follow these simple steps and start tackling plastic waste at home.

1. Precious Plastic Collection Point

Collection Points are spaces run by people in your community or neighbourhood that accepts plastic waste to be recycled in the Precious Plastic Universe.

2. Find a Collection Point

Use the Precious Plastic map to find Collection Points near you to start recycling your plastic waste.

3. Get in contact with the Collection Point

It's important to get in contact and maybe visit the Collection Point near you to learn which types of plastic they accept and what are their opening hours.

4. Learn how to prepare your plastic

It's important to collect clean, label-free plastic that can actually be recycled in the Precious Plastic network. Watch this video to learn how to best prepare your plastic for recycling.

5. Start gathering your plastic

Now you know what plastic type your local Collection Point accepts and how to prepare it. It's time to start gathering your clean, label-free plastic at home or office and start real recycling.

*When possible try to buy a plastic-free option, always better than recycling :)

6. Drop off or pick up

Once you've gathered enough clean plastic it's time to get it to the Collection Point to start its recycling journey. Find out if the Collection Point near you offers home pick up or if you have to drop it off yourself.

...and you're done!

Fantastic, you've done your part to tackle the plastic waste problem.